Z-Wave support operates on the AL-DALI-PI system 

Step 1: Purchase a AEOTEC Z-Wave USB  Amazon Link 1  or  Amazon Link 2

Step 2: If the house is large - consider a repeater for the wireless  AEOTEC Range Extender 

Step 3: Purchase a Z-Wave remote  Jasco 4 button 

Step 4: Purchase a Z-Wave Motion sensor  PIR Sensor 

Optional Step 4:  Purchase a Samsung Smartthings Hub  Smartthings  to allow you to control the lights from outside the home


install the AEOTEC Z-Wave stick into the AL-DALI-PI USB port, 

navigate to the Z-Wave page and associate the remote switches with the AEOTEC Stick .

navigate to the triggers page and create the commands that each button should do