Raspberry Pi DALI master controller System from
Raspberry Pi DALI Hat


Our AL-DALI-HAT DALI master Controller connects your LAN to the Digital Addressible Lighting Interface using a Raspberry Pi - you can read about DALI here on Wikipedia The DALI bus is not natively compatible with the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi - so our DALI HAT handles the interface. Our Complete ZWD package emulates the Philips Hue for Alexa / Google integration. Our AL-DALI-HAT DALI gateway has a microprocessor onboard to convert the Pi serial port to DALI.

We have provided sample code in Python to run on the Raspberry Pi, you can turn any light on/off or dim in individual, group or broadcast modes

Our complete DALI software package called ZWD can be installed on the Pi to assign short addresses, read advanced parameters and provide a friendly user interface, and communicate to Alexa or Google Home, Siri, Home Assistant, Hue and Z-Wave.

You can change the SSID with the ZWD user interface - please see Changing the SSID

Sample Python Script

# send DALI Level from Console

import time
import serial
import sys

ser = serial.Serial(
    port ='/dev/ttyS0',
    baudrate = 19200,

text = input("Which DALI address ( 0-63, 127=All) : ")
address = int(text)*2
input = 254
y1 = 0
y3 = 0

while input < 255 :

    text = raw_input(" What level : ")
    if text == "q":
    if text == "":
        input = input+1
        print('set   level : %d'%input)
        input = int(text,10)


ZWD software pages