Hue Emulation

The Hue emulation requires the AL-DALI-PI system 
Note: Updated version of this is available here: Atx LED FAQ
Step 1: Click to update name changes or new devices: Scan to Hue ( via DP, /scan ) - Hue is enabled - please use two apps to discover the attached devices. - Note the IP address from the admin page - you will need it
step 2: install the all 4 hue app, 
        - start the app
        - add hue bridge -  if the bridge is not found - enter the IP address from the admin page
        - authorize if needed, 
        - view and control the lights from the All 4 Hue app.
	- your house is now enabled for Hue lighting control
If you skip Step 1 - nothing will work. Step 3: visit the ATX LED Hub "cloud" page and enable the Alexa skill from there

Step 4: optional - you can install the "Homebridge" product on your Hub - please see the instructions here: You can follow these directions to install home bridge: Just a note: If you adopt the Home bridge using the QR code, you're going to have to wipe and regenerate the ID. (Your best bet is to just start with a fresh image once comfortable with the install steps). Apple won't let another user adopt a device that has previously been registered with a given ID (most devices have a factory reset that wipes it).